How Is Confidence Built?


Confidence is based and built on action. It’s not something that is conjured up by beating our chests and and having someone shout at us that WE CAN DO IT!!! 😂😂😂 (that’s called getting in the zone 😎😜)


At age 21, when I walked into a gym for the first time ever at Ladies’ Riviera in Madison, I was quite nervous and on edge. I started attending group fitness classes three days a week. Each week my confidence grew a little until I felt pretty comfortable even with my underdeveloped abilities.

Two years later when faced with the prospect of joining a co-ed gym, I realized that I had to develop even more confidence. Going along with Andy for the first few months helped me to build some confidence - enough so that I was willing to go by myself occasionally. I continued to build my confidence by going alone pretty often - even though not yet completely at ease.

Each time you take a step, you build confidence.

I kept at it, and now ten years later, nervousness and low confidence are not even on my radar when I walk into a gym. It’s quite the opposite actually- I’m excited to be there (usually 😜), I know all of the equipment, how to use it, and how to use it safely. I’ve seen the impact that different volume and intensity can have on my body- physically and mentally.

On a scale of 1-10, my confidence in the gym and surrounding exercise in general have soared to 100 😍🙌🏻

Confidence is built gradually - by doing the thing that you want to do but are either afraid to do or lack the confidence to do. Each time you take a step, you build confidence.


It can be a game changer to have someone in your life verbalize that they believe in you - to encourage you, believe in you, and challenge you. Because sometimes we need to feel that confidence from someone else in order to help ourselves take that first step.

Confidence is needed in so many areas of life! Willingness to try new things, relationships, creating routines, setting boundaries, nudging yourself outside of you comfort zone, etc.

The process will look different for everyone - no one is confident in all of the things all of the time 😜. Be patient with yourself. ❤️ Don’t fall into the comparison trap. And communicate what you need to someone in your life.

The thing you most deeply desire may seem impossible right now, but as you build your confidence through your actions, the impossible becomes possible and soon, you are expecting the impossible from yourself.

What are some ways you could build your confidence towards something you desire? Comment below or jot them down so you can see for yourself the actions you need to take.

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