On 7 Minute Workouts and Unicorn Super Berries


If you scroll through the halls and corridors of Pinterest, you will find lots of workouts and articles telling you which exercises to do to get “flat abs fast” or “get long and lean legs with these 4 easy moves” or my personal favorite, “the 7 minute workout that science says actually works”.

There’s just no magic secret or shortcut to sculpting your body.


Are flat abs possible? Yes. Will you develop a six pack super fast if you do these certain moves? Um, no.

Can you grow long muscles “like a dancer” if you do this celebrity’s workout? No you cannot. Your genes are what determine your limb and muscle lengths.

Does a 7 minute workout “work”? Well yeah, it gets your body moving, which has a host of health benefits. Does the 7 minute workout on its own have science based evidence to sculpt your body? It really doesn’t.

Are waist trainers and body wraps going to melt the fat off? Super not.

As a trainer, I am part of an industry that in many ways preys on people’s (particularly women’s) desperation to lose weight, gain muscle, or look like whatever random “perfect” celeb is on the front cover of Muscle and Fitness or Men’s/Women’s Health. Just take a glance at the magazines in the checkout line - from Dr. Oz and his outrageous claims and whatever random coffee bean covered super-berry he discovered in the volcanic ash of an underwater volcano, to Shape telling you that you can lose 27.5 pounds in a month and get your body “summer ready”. Smh.


I’ll tell you what to do to get your body summer ready: wait for it...

Have a body, and be somewhere where summer is.

Let me just quickly debunk a couple of these widely perpetuated myths.

Is spot reduction of fat actually possible? In a word, no. No it is not.

Just like you can’t choose what precise body part to add fat to, you also can’t choose precisely where to get rid of it. You can shape muscles on specific areas on your body, but the fat will leave your body in the order in which it came. If you gain first in your hip area, that will be the last area to shed fat. If you gain fat in your legs first, leg fat will be the last to go.

You want to use particular moves or lifts to build and sculpt your muscles? Go for it! That is amazing for your body, and it’s so awesome to see your muscles develop as a result of the hard work you’ve put in. But the fat loss will go the way it came, and the majority of fat loss results are from paying attention to your nutrition.

Have a body, and be somewhere where summer is.

Concerning fat loss, this also goes for the use of supplements: protein powders, vitamins, magical drink mixes, detox teas, belly wraps, appetite suppressants (don’t even get me started), fat burners, and the list goes on.

Are there a place for supplements such as protein powders and vitamins? For sure! They can be quite helpful in conjunction with a nutritious diet, but they are NOT going to make you start automatically burning fat.

As for the other stuff... if they actually were the magical quick fix for fat loss that they are advertised to be, then everyone would be using them and be at their ideal weight.

So next time you see some workout or manipulatively worded magazine telling you that this or that move will get rid of under arm fat, or if you drink this detox tea for seven days, you will turn into a unicorn, or if you climb this many stairs, the fat will melt off your thighs into a puddle beside the stair climber, just laugh out loud and turn the magazine over so other unsuspecting passerby don’t have to see that misinformation. 😂😂😂

Or just carry on with your day, knowing that you are informed, and there are no quick fixes. 😜

Losing weight can be hard. Gaining weight can be hard. Maintaining weight can be hard. Look at and consider the payoff for each of the three, and then choose your hard.

Kristen WallaceComment