I’ve been working with Kristen now for a little over three months. 

The biggest change that I’ve noticed has been within my own mind. Kristen has shown me how to accept the things that I do well and give myself grace when I do not fully meet all of my over-the-top expectations.  

I can tell that I am rewriting the script of my life by learning how to lovingly embrace all of my wonderful attributes. Where I once saw failure, I now see ability. 

Kristen has a way of holding me accountable while never making me feel guilty. My mind has been the biggest hindrance to achieving my goals in the past. I now have attainable goals and a sense of accomplishment that I never had before.

- Courtney


Kristen has helped me completely change my mindset towards nutrition, body image, and self perception.

She has walked the road before. She knows what it’s like. And that makes her even better equipped to coach.

Kristen is an amazing person to work with.

- Kathryn


My time with Kristen has been refreshing, encouraging, and life-altering…in the best way possible.  Unlike many programs, Kristen understands my station in life, focuses on incremental challenges that take me to the next level, and is helping me morph negative attitudes and perspectives of health, exercise, and nutrition into something that is positive, forgiving, and freeing.  I feel her approach has been successful for me because it’s doable, manageable, sustainable and offers long term benefits.  

As a full-time working mom of 2 busy boys and a wife with additional obligations to church and other organizations, my life is busy, and her program is OK with that.  When we have to grab fast-food between getting off work and getting the kids to the soccer fields in a matter of 30 minutes, she offers suggestions on how to make a conscious step toward healthy decisions without one ounce of condemnation.  As a working mother, she understands “life and busy-ness happen.”  She makes nutritional suggestions that make sense and take you one step closer to a healthier lifestyle.  

What is unique about Kristen is that she doesn’t try to change my life but helps me find ways to merge healthy decisions into my busy lifestyle without overwhelming me or making me feel guilty.  With past programs, I found that I was totally excited and compliant in week 1 but found by week 4 that the harsh structure of diets and workouts were overwhelming and didn’t last.  Each week on Kristen’s program, I pick out my own challenges, and that has taught me to that I can do this long term to continue my journey to healthier living.  It’s incremental; it’s doable; it’s manageable.  It may simply be to choose the side salad instead of fries…while enjoying a couple of fries from my kids’ plates.  Her plan never forces me to eliminate any particular food completely; her focus is moderation and enjoying the process of making my life healthier.  Thus, it becomes part of my routine and a life change.  

But, perhaps the most surprising benefit of Kristen’s program to me has been her guidance in changing my mental and emotional perspectives.  In other programs, there were a lot of harsh rules on what foods you could and couldn’t eat, a minimal number of workout minutes per week, daily logs of every ounce of foods I ate…it was overwhelming and suffocating.  Kristen’s “health counseling” has challenged me break free from the guilt and falsehoods thrust upon me by past programs and the wider “health world.”  I still exercise as I used to, but it has become more enjoyable because my frame of reference has changed.  It’s no longer a punishment for what food sins I had committed or was about to commit; working out is a celebration of what my body can do and a push to see what else it can achieve.  My nutrition has changed a bit more because I want to fuel my body to be an energetic mom who can keep up with my boys during play time, a more attentive and productive employee, and a competitor with my own self to achieve more in the gym.  

With Kristen’s help, I have a healthier outlook on my quest in the worlds of exercise and nutrition.  Her doable and manageable steps toward a healthier me are free of guilt and swallowing, overwhelmed feelings of failure.  Her program has indeed been transformational!!    

- Marlissa