Mind Fare 90 Group

Mind Fare 90 Group is a 90 day group coaching program that I created to help women develop a healthier and more balanced mindset around themselves, food, and exercise.

The reason I created this program is that I really want to be able to help more women by making my coaching more accessible, and Mind Fare 90 Group is an opportunity for me to be able to do just that! The group program offers many of the same benefits that my one on one program offers, and it also allows me to be able work with more women by making it more affordable. 😊

This program is for women who are ready to learn how to appreciate themselves and their bodies, finally find a way of eating that is enjoyable and healthful, and develop a satisfying and sustainable movement routine.

This is not a weight loss program, though some women do experience weight changes throughout the course of the program as a result of nutritional shifts.

Things You’ll Learn

You will learn how mindset directly affects the actions you do or do not take in relation to your health and well being- limiting beliefs and feelings rooted in perfectionism, scarcity, unworthiness, and shame.

You will learn how to create a sustainable way of eating that you love, and that makes you feel your best.

You will learn a lot about nutrition and learn to create your own way of eating that works best for your mind and body.

Here’s What We Will Be Discussing

  1. Exposing Diet Culture

    • what it is

    • how it impacts our minds and beliefs around our bodies, food, and exercise

    • how to develop a more healthy belief system concerning these things

  2. Divorcing Dieting

    • why “eat less, exercise more” is a flawed protocol, and what we can do instead

    • why meal plans, products, and diets don’t work, and how to learn what works best for you

    • what does work- adding in foods, learning our hunger/fullness/craving cues

  3. Intuitive Eating

    • how to have your cake and eat it too!

    • learning to trust our bodies and listen to their signals

    • exposure therapy and how we can use it in relation to food, body image, and exercise

  4. Growth Mindset

    • how to never fail again

    • releasing judgment; taking notice

    • developing a gratefulness practice

What Am I Getting?

  • weekly half hour group coaching calls

  • bi-weekly lessons and practices around nutrition, mindset, and movement

  • a DIY 12 week workout program

  • access to me through group calls and within private Facebook group

  • private and exclusive facebook group for support from fellow members

  • 2 simple and yummy recipes each week

  • weekly tips and advice via FB group

  • Quick Guide to Nutritious Fast Food

  • Quick Guide to Protein

  • Quick Guide to Snacks/Grab & Go

***All of this is valued at over $1000!***

This program is for women who:

✔️are ready to enjoy the way they eat

✔️are ready to feel guilt free about their food and bodies

✔️want to learn how to how to always succeed in their health goals

✔️want to build real relationships with other women who have the same goals and struggles as you- we are all in this together, sister ❤️

✔️want to build a simple and effective movement and workout routine

✔️want to begin learning how to feel at peace with their bodies

✔️want to know how to navigate insecurities with their bodies

✔️are ready to develop real, lasting changes that feel good, and are actually sustainable 😊

✔️want to improve their energy, sleep,

This program is NOT for women who:

❌want a diet, meal plan, quick fix, or product

❌want to spend hours in the gym every week

❌aren’t willing to try something new

❌are focused on weight loss at the expense of their health

❌aren’t willing to invest in themselves

We get started on May 20!!!



Are you ready to get started on this journey?

I am so excited about working with you and so many other women over the next few months!