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Mind Fare 90

My signature 90 day course is designed to help women develop a healthier and more intuitive mindset around themselves, food, and exercise.

You will learn how mindset directly affects the actions you do or do not take in relation to your health and fitness goals- beliefs and feelings such as perfectionism, scarcity, unworthiness, and shame.

You will learn how to create a sustainable way of eating that you love, and that makes you feel your best. You will learn a lot about nutrition and learn to create your own way of eating that works best for your mind and body.

This program is for women who are ready to learn how to appreciate themselves and their bodies, finally find a way of eating that is enjoyable and healthful, and develop a satisfying and sustainable movement routine.

This is not a weight loss program, though you may experience weight changes as a result of the shifts you make in your life.

What am I getting?

Mind Fare 90 is a 90 day coaching program designed to help you develop a routine of self care that is rooted in an abundance mindset, and to develop the life of energy and freedom that you desire.

The program consists of:

Six 45 minutes coaching calls (bi-weekly)
*The first call will be to set goals for the upcoming 90 days.

Coaching will center around:

  • mindset, as that’s one of the biggest reasons people either succeed or fail at their goals. I will give you tools and help you develop practices to improve and shift your mindset towards one of abundance and growth

  • helping you develop a routine of self care, including (but not limited to) an movement/exercise routine, weekly “YOU” time, time to socialize, etc

  • helping you set your goals, identifying the skills needed to reach those goals, and then breaking those skills down into daily practices that will develop those skills.

Nutrition strategy includes:

  • daily practices that can contribute to developing a joyful and healthful way of eating

  • a deeper understanding of nutrition and how to enjoy food as you also eat in a way that helps you feel your best physically and mentally

  • 2 quick, easy, and nutritious recipes each week

  • ways to gradually reacquaint yourself with your body’s internal signals so that you can learn to honor your body and it’s needs

  • I will also teach you how to enjoy all the foods you love- no cutting out food groups and such ;-)

Optional customized exercise program includes:

  • a 12 week program designed for you and your schedule and workout location preference (home, gym, outdoors, etc)


$647 or three payments of $248

$485 or three payments of $186